Deb Curtis

Artist- Deb Curtis

Deb has been weaving baskets since learning in Virginia in 1982.  When she moved to the NW she started using natural materials that were traditional to the area, Western Red Cedar bark, Yellow Cedar bark and others.   Her latest work uses materials she collects from her yard in Oregon.


Baskets are a tradition that is changing.  Deb Creates contemporary baskets using traditional basketry materials.  She links traditional basket materials with tapestry weaving, beading, stitching and surface design.  By combining a variety of fiber techniques in one vessel that uses basketry materials I create “new baskets”.  By blending colors and textures I change the character of the basket from only a functional vessel to a container that expresses a concept.  Some of my latest work explores shape and uses beading and stitching with birch bark and creating wall pieces using a variety of fiber techniques.  I strive to show that there is beauty in tradition and purpose to contemporary basketry.

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