Erin Wallace

Artist Statement: Erin Wallace

I see my artwork as a “playground” of materials and images woven together to tell stories of life, love, struggle and humor. I use boxes, canvas, wood and metal as stages to arrange mixed media into assemblage art. As a child, I grew up on the beach where beach combing and scavenging was a favorite past time. I have always been drawn to found and discarded objects that hold their own story and history.

I continued to develop my “voice” as an artist in college where I earned a degree in studio art, with a focus in sculpture and jewelry.  With a love for intricacies of “small things” I went on to study jewelry making in Mexico and Seattle and worked as an apprentice to a silversmith in Santiago, Chile. Each learned skill gets stowed away in my tool box to be added to my assemblage and jewelry work.  I am currently exploring the wonders of working in leather, creating my own line of earring designs. 


Erin Wallace is an assemblage artist and jeweler. With a background in sculpture Erin is drawn to all matter of materials, especially found and discarded objects.  Erin weaves stories in her artwork using canvas and boxes as a stage to arrange her materials, adding paint and image. She is currently working with leather, creating her own line of earring designs. She is a member of Indigo Art Collective, an all-women’s group of local artists who work and show in Corvallis, Oregon.